EP58: Interview with Rob Halford from Judas Priest

EP57: Interview with Bret Michaels (Parti-Gras 2.0)

Bret Michaels calls in to announce the Parti-Gras 2.0 tour, that is set to make a stop at Star Lake on July 13, 2024. We talk in depth about the special guests he has lined up for the show this year, the Puppy Bowl, and more!

Cabin Fever Concert and The Healing Powers of Music with Patrick Jardini

Patrick Jardini from IATW and the Sweetwater Cottage Band joins us on this episode to talk about this year’s Cabin Fever Concert that’s happening at Jergel’s on March 3rd to benefit Army Veteran/Hampton Police Officer Robert Kirsopp and his family as he battles cancer. Tickets available at jergels.com and more info at IATW.us.

We also talk about the healing power of music, Vet Tix (which is something every veteran should look into), and much more!

EP56: Interview with Robby Krieger and Ed Roth

Robby Krieger from The Doors and Ed Roth join me on this episode to talk about the new self-titled album that's out now from Robby Kreiger & The Soul Savages!

Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Thomas Burnett

Dr. Thomas Burnett from Regeneration Pittsburgh in Wexford, PA joins us on this episode to talk about pain management using regenerative medicine, including stem cell therapy and other methods instead of invasive, dangerous and costly surgeries. He also shares some great tips about four specific areas in your life (diet, exercise, sleep, and stress) that YOU can start working on TODAY to help start the healing process.

Mental Health with Psychotherapist Cassy Sanderson

Psychotherapist Cassy Sanderson from Sanderson Psychological joins us on this episode to talk about mental health. Lots of great, useful info here, plus we talked in depth about taking that first step to getting help if you think you need it, or know someone does.

VA Home Loans with Jeff Earley

US Army Ranger veteran Jeff Earley from Coldwell Banker joins me on this episode to talk about VA Home Loans. We talk about the process of getting one, debunk some myths, and much more. If you're a veteran looking to buy a home (or know someone that is), this is a MUST LISTEN episode!

How VSO's Help Streamline the Claim Filing Process with Shawnee Young

Need to file a claim for veteran's benefits? The best place to start is with a VSO, and it's FREE! Shawnee Young, Director of the Butler County Veterans Services Office, joins us on this episode to talk in depth about the great work they do being advocates for veterans and helping file claims so they can get the benefits they deserve.

Season 2 Update with IATW Founder Steve Monteleone

We had some guests scheduled this for month that ended up having to popstone until after the first of the year, so IATW Founder Steve Monteleone joins us on this episode to rundown what we have planned after the holiday break, and we also talk about some big events the foundation has planned. The next episode goes live the first Friday of 2024!

EP55: Interview with Kelly Hansen

Kelly Hansen from Foreigner calls in to talk about the "Renegades and Juke Box Heroes" tour the band is heading out on in 2024 with Styx, which will be the band's final big summer tour. We also talked about his time with Foreigner over the past almost 20 years, what's next, and much more!