Billy F. Gibbons.. F is for Festive

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top has gotten into the holiday spirit with a new single.

"Jingle Bell Blues"is a bluesy take on the classic "Jingle Bells"

Gibbons is also selling a seven-inch single, due out December 10th, that comes with a custom center hole adapter so it can play on any standard turntable. Gibbons says, "I suppose it could have been produced with a small hole and we wouldn’t have had to deal with the adapter, but this is, at its essence, a juke box record. It was even mixed with that in mind.”

He added, "Around Christmas, it always seems that there are five to ten holiday selections listed in the lower right corner of a typical juke box in a typical juke joint, the song titles and artist names printed on wreath-bedecked title strips. Our hope is for ‘Jingle Bell Blues’ to be one of those records."

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