Zombie Fires...From The Makers Of Murder Hornets And Giant Invasive Lizards

This year is relentless. Let's not run through the list, but we can all agree that 2020 has throw some outside-the-box stuff at us. The latest is fires in the arctic that will not die.

According to Mashable, scientists are observing fires in places like Alaska that survive underground during the winter and reemerge in the spring. These "zombie" fires (also called "overwintering" and "holdover" fires) may now be occurring in the Arctic Circle. The region experienced unprecedented fires in 2019 and scientists believe some have continued smoldering underground during the cold months. Dense peatlands (wetlands composed of ancient, decomposed plants) produce the perfect conditions for these zombie fires. They smolder under the snow and then flare back up when the snow melts.

The term really does fit. These are 2019 wildfires that would not die, rising again to reignite into big 2020 blazes. The article says we can expect an uptick in these zombie fires due to global warming.

Photo: Getty Images

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