103 Year Old Easton Grandma Beats Corona, Celebrates With A Bud!

Image Shelly Stejna Gunn

Via usatoday.com. Jennie Stejna is a Red Sox Superfan from Easton, Mass. and she's 103 years old. Her granddaughter describes her as, "feisty." When her family heard she had caught the Coronavirus in her nursing home in early May, they prepared for the worst. But feisty Jennie kicked some Covid-19 ass and recovered!

To celebrate, the nurses gave her something she loved, but hadn't had in a long time, an ice cold Bud Light! The staff bought her a six pack, and when she put that bottle to her lips she said, ‘Ooh, that’s cold. It’s good when it’s cold." Jennie Stejna, Coronavirus survivor and beer drinker. I love her!

So tonight, toast Jennie, and all the care givers who give us a chance to beat this scourge!

Rock on Jennie!!!

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