I See Dumb People: How This Grandma Got a Felony......

This is completely stupid AND unnecessary. And it's COMPLETE Nana's fault.

Watch this woman refuse to just accept an $80 ticket for something like an uninspected vehicle - and then she DRIVES OFF!!! There was no way she was going to accept responsibility for driving around for 6 months with an expired inspection sticker on the car! NOT HER FAULT!!! UGH....

So she went from getting a simple tickets - to a FELONY in just minutes.

All she had to do was SIGN THE TICKET and be on her way - but NOOOOOOOOOO!

And here's the thing - who's going to criticized for it? The police officer! Forget the fact that SHE put the officer in the position that resulted in her getting tazed! It was completely unnecessary - and it's on HER.

She was given 20 chances to sign it and be on her way - but she just couldn't do it because in today's world - nobody is responsible for anything.

So how did that taser taste?

I don't feel bad for her one bit.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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