30 Classic Album Covers With 100% More Pizza

There's nothing better than sharing a pie with friends while listening to some good tunes on National Pizza Day. That's why we're in love with Portland artist DROID's Pizza Albums series. The 'za aficionado describes his work as "a re-imagining of album covers with 100% more pizza" where he inserts cheesy-goodness into a wide variety of rock covers. 

Grab a slice and dig in below: 

Pink Floyd - The Great Pie In The Sky 


Bruce Springsteen - Born In P.I.Z.Z.A 


Billy Idol - Pizza Yell


Megadeth - Rust In Pizza


Black Sabbath - Slice Of Pizza (Vol 4.)


Huey Lewis and The News -Slices 


Pantera - Pizza From Hell 


Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Pizza 


Grand Funk - All The Pizzas In The World Beware!!! 


Metallica - ...And Pizza For All 


Megadeth - Pizza Sells... But Who's Buying? 


Faith No More - Pizza Dust 


Queen - Slice Of The World 


MC5 - Pizza In Arms 


Foghat - Fool For The Pizza 


Rage Against The Pizza - Rage Against The Pizza


WHAM! - Make It Pie 


Neil Diamond - Hot Pepperoni Night 


The Go Go's - Vacation 


Stone Temple Pizzas - Interstate Pizza Song 


Rainbow - Pizza 


Grateful Dead - Pizzas From The Closet 


Dire Straits - Pizzas In Arms 


Mastozon - One More Slice Of Pizza 


T. Rex - Electric Pizza 


Molly Hatchet - Pizza Dealer 


Judas Priest - Screaming For Pizza 


Dio - Holy Pizza 


Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Pizza 


Black Flag - My Pizza 


Photo Credit: IG @thedroid


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