24-Year-Old Says 'Becoming Fat Saved My Life' & Hits Back At Body Shamers

When Danica Marjanović was a teen, she dropped a lot of weight by limiting what she ate. Even when she was very slim, she didn’t feel like it was good enough.

Danica had what’s called body dysmorphia, or body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). No matter how much weight Danica lost, she still saw flaws in her body. It affected her deeply, and it was years before she started to combat the eating disorder.

While going through treatment, Danica gained a good amount of weight. She finally started to feel happy about her body and that she was actually healthy.

Of course, as she shared her journey on Instagram, bullies started sending her rude messages about her body. They told her to lose weight, to eat less, and to exercise more. They didn’t realize that gaining weight had actually saved Danica’s life.

Now, Danica is using her Instagram platform to fight back against the trolls who shame her and encourage others to feel positively about their bodies.

[H/T: ScaryMommy]


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