The owners of a bed and breakfast in Denver has plans to cater to weed smokers by allowing them to wake and bake in style by changing things a bit and offering high quality weed and marijuana edibles.

A company known as the MaryJane Group signed a one-year lease with the owners of Adagio Bed and Breakfast and is turning it into a “Bud n’ Breakfast.”

There will also be an on-site chef available to prepare gourmet foods cooked to order as well as unlimited luxury transportation within the Denver city limits.

Gourmet food and a ride into town ... Sounds like heaven to any lazy stoner who has a few bucks to blow on deluxe accommodations. (Eater)



These new "Don't Drive High" PSAs are now airing in Colorado. On Reddit, I read some comments from a few Cannabis Activists who were are calling the commercials "modern day Reefer Madness". What do you think? Leave a comment.