There will ALWAYS be a special place in my heart for Hydra Slide.  The word "badass" doesn't even come close to describing how great this place was.  If you want to make a great case for the fact that we've become so litigious that we've sucked all the fun out of life...just use this video.  I can't think of many places I had more fun as a kid.  Was it dangerous? Hell yeah it was.  Did we care? No. Every skinned knee from an errant cement burr, blistered foot from run...I mean quickly walking up the astro-turf clad walkway, every mind-numbing blow to the head or bash to the goin from an ill-advised lane change was PURE AWESOMENESS.  This place kept us off the streets and more importantly...out of the house.  Wanna fix childhood obecity? Make fatty hump it up and down Hydra Slide every other afternoon. That'll fix him.  So many great memories of life, the near loss of life, and love (there was a certain life guard that I was hopelessly in love with, but she's a Facebook friend of mine so calling her out by name here might be weird.

Watch this video or these Hydra Slide professionals.  Relive the magic. And share YOUR Hydra Slide memories in the comments. 


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