We've all got someone who has wronged us in some way, and deep down, we've all got at least a flicker of a Quentin Tarentino-esque flame of revenge.  You've wanted to send a giant box of #2 to your #1 adversary, but you've always had a problem with the logistics.  

"How can I do this without getting caught?"

"It this even legal?"

"I don't want to do the collection or packaging...that's worse than recieving the gift."

"What do I tell that chick at the UPS store when she asks about the contents?"


Don't worry...someone else has taken care of all of that for you. Someone to do all of the dirty work and allow you to remain annonomous! Cow, elephant, gorilla...they have it all!

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There's also a more risque version at: Sh*tSenders.com is you prefer.


If you still insist on taking matters into your own hands, al least do it with some style...

Sh*t Gold Pills

Yes...they're real too.



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