My Kids First Ever LIVE Show Was A Happy Memory!

posted by Pat McMahon -

It was my 3 year old’s first live show ever… and it was AWESOME. Here’s the sort of weird thing for me: When he saw the Paw Patrol Characters come out he instantly GLOWED with happiness and excitement, which made ME emotional. 

I got tears in my eyes. Not of sadness, of joy. I was so happy to see how happy Rory was that it made me overwhelmed. 

He had a GREAT time. He was well behaved too, and parents you were right: it was a judgement free zone. If Rory were talking or moving around or whatever, every parent understood. It was no big deal. 

Now comes the question: what show is next? Rory is ALL IN after last night. 

By the way, a lot of you suggested I have the wallet ready, and you were right. I spent around $75 last night of stuff, including a toy, popcorn, and one of those light up wands. I’m not complaining though. I expected that. Honestly, I wanted to get him the stuff. 

Thanks for all your advice, and thanks to the Landmark Theater and Paw Patrol Live for an amazing night out! I highly recommend it for your kid.  

Pat and Kid at Paw Patrol
Pat and Kid at Paw Patrol
Pat and Kid at Paw Patrol

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