Pat's Dirty Hotel Room

posted by Pat McMahon -

This past weekend the McMahon's went home to Buffalo to visit family. We stayed at a well known, reputable hotel chain that has been great for us in the past. But this time, it wasn't great... it was gross. 

When we checked in our 3 year old, Rory, started finding things under the beds like wrappers and even toys. That's when we discovered candy, more wrappers, years of dust and dirt. 

It was gross. 

I asked for House keeping to come in and clean it. They didn't. So I had a family member bring a vacuum and bought sanitary wipes to clean the room myself. 

I got a whopping $15 discount for a 2 night stay. Here are the pics... 

So why wasn't the room clean? Hear our conversation and the excuse the gave me multiple times below...

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