The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner In America

posted by Hines -

We've all been there. You at the holiday dinner table and Uncle Leon is getting just a liiiiiittle too fired up about his political thoughts. Or maybe, your sister is a little too irritated with her teenage daughter. Someone needs to change the Well, now that someone can be YOU. Just say, "I heard this extremely funny, talented, & handsome guy on the radio talking about the most expensive Thanksgiving Dinner in America."

New York's Old Homestead Steakhouse will be serving a Thanksgiving dinner for 10, with a price tag of $7,600...per person (Yeah...that's a $76,000 spread for 10). Here's what you get...

The $76,000 turkey dinner is the most expensive in the country and includes, among other things, 

-Gravy with turkey renderings and Pappy Van Winkle bourbon ($3,300)

-Sweet potatoes with Caspian Sea caviar ($1,600 an ounce)

-Mashed potatoes with Swedish moose cheese ($455 a pound)

-Butternut squash with black truffles, and an orange cranberry sauce made with whole cranberries infused with Grand Marnier, aged balsamic vinegar ($60 an ounce), and wine.

-Turkey ($105 per pound) with special smoked bacon from Japan ($225 a pound), an orange marmalade glaze made with Dekopon Oranges that cost $75 each, and Wagyu beef stuffing

-Drinks your choice of Cristal, Dom Perignon, Opus One and Silver Oak wines and champagnes, and a 40-year old port wine.


-4 tickets to Hamilton

-Black Friday shopping spree on Fifth Avenue ($7,500)

-A two-night stay at a luxury suite at the Mandarin Oriental ($4,395)

-A limousine, a guided tour of the city

-Dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio

-Carriage ride through Central Park ($260)

-A Ulysse Nardin watch ($20,000

Maybe talking about all that will get Aunt Carol to stop throwing your mom under the bus for that time she blew her chance to "almost" meet Tom Petty.